RobotechCity brings Internet of Things (IoT) to life for Smart Living by delivering more efficient and cost effective solutions, thereby creating safe environment to automate the entire ecosystem. RobotechCity has begun to unlock the potential of fully digitized smart hi-rise building, home, Offices, campus, devices to derive information-enabled, efficient, safe, eco-friendly and completely integrated intelligent solution.

Our IoT solutions enable clients to operate systems for home appliances, light, fan, AC, climate, and security through a smartphone, tablet, touch panel, or keypad. We aim to give clients complete peace of mind by building solutions that enhance their comfort and security in their living and working environment.

RobotechCity is challenging the status quo of AI-driven IoT automation systems by reducing costs and the need for specialized expensive equipment. While most IoT  Solutions companies in the market compel buyers to buy new expensive hardware, RobotechCity uses its own developed low-cost IoT sensors, gateways, protocols, firmware, cloud and databases, and IoT middleware (if required).